9 Tips For Choosing A Dog Seat Cover For Your Car or Truck

Choosing the Best Protection for You, Your Dog and Your Car

Pet lovers like to take their dogs with them everywhere. Their claws can scratch expensive car seats. Dogs also track in dirt and dog hair. Sometimes they have accidents which spread pee and saliva to the seats. This can spread germs and odors. A dog seat cover can prevent all these problems while keeping your dog safe and comfortable. Here are some of the things to consider when choosing protection for your car or trucks seats.

  1. Covers the entire seat

The seats in most compacts and mid-sized cars are less than 54″ across. Look for a seat cover that is 54″ wide. The unit should cover it from edge to edge

  1. Waterproof

Dogs sometimes have accidents. They pee or drool or even knock over their water dishes if you are watering them in the car. Keeping the liquid from leaking through can save your seats and prevent the spread of germs and odors. Liquids that do get through often drip between the seats making it especially hard to clean up. Sometimes the liquids can even soak into cloth seats. Edge-to-edge waterproofing is a must have in our opinion.

  1. Non-slip backing

If you have ever gone to a fun house that has the moving floor, you have some idea of what it’s like for your dog if the seat covers slips and slides. That’s why having a non-slip backing is essential for a safe comfortable ride for your pet. Non slip backs can be a full rubber mat or silicone dots on the back of the piece. The silicone dots don’t work very well but they are better than nothing. A full edge-to-edge rubber back is preferred.

  1. Adjustable seat belt straps

Seat covers are attached to the rear seat head rests and for other protection of your vehicle there provided covers like mazda miata cover. Some use elastic straps. These usually lose their elasticity after a while and break. If they stretch, your seat protector won’t fully cover your seat and you lose protection. A preferred choice is an adjustable nylon strap. This will resist breaking and can be pulled tight to make the seat cover look like a custom fit. Higher priced models include quick-release connections so you don’t have to readjust your straps every time you put the seat cover in the car. Leather reinforced straps are available on more expensive units and are a good idea if you have a larger dog.

  1. Hammock Option

Many top of the line covers offer a hammock option. Instead of just covering the rear seats, it allows you to attach it to the front seat head rests creating a hammock or sling. The purpose of this it to keep your dog from falling on the floor in the event of a quick stop. Instead of falling on the floor, the hammock will suspend the dog above the floor keeping him or her safe from injury.

  1. Seat Anchors

Seat anchors are straps with a plastic tube that fits between the seats. It holds the seat cover in place so you can get a nice tight look but also prevents the dog from falling on the floor when the hammock option is used. Without seat anchors, your dog will fall forward in the event of a quick stop and the hammock will collapse under his weight providing no protection at all. He’ll still fall on the floor.

  1. Seat Belt Access

Access to the seat belt allows human passengers to share the back seat and still use the seat belts for safety. Many people use seat belt extenders to secure the dog in the back seat and keep him from wandering up to the front seat or jumping out of the windows. Remember to use seat belt extenders only with dog harnesses. Hooking your dog’s collar to the seat belts could break his neck in the event of a hard or fast stop or accident. His body weight will propel him forward but the collar is attached to the seat. Not good for your dog.

  1. Side Flaps

Seat covers generally protect the top and back of the seat but often leave the sides of the seat exposed. As your pet jumps in the car, his claws may scratch the sides of the seats. Side flaps cover the sides of the seat to prevent this. Not all seat covers have this feature. Look for it on your next purchase

  1. Removable washable mat

One of the newest innovations in pet seat covers is the removable washable mat. Why is this important? If your pet has an accident, the waterproof seat cover should keep the liquid from getting to the seats but it often pools on the water proof section. It can still spill on the seats. If your seat cover is a heavy duty canvas cloth, it will absorb at least some of the urine, saliva or water but then it smells. Canvas based seat covers should never be placed in a washing machine. The agitators and/or aluminum drum can destroy the waterproofing or non-slip back. Unless you can sanitize it, your pet will smell the odors and think this is a potty area. Making the seat cover in two parts, a canvas based seat cover and a washable removable mat solves the problem. A heavy canvas based seat cover will last for years and years with proper care. The mat not only absorbs the liquids; it also is a dog hair magnet. Simply throw it in the washing machine whenever it gets dirty to sanitize it. It can be replaced as necessary and even changed for use in other vehicles to match their interior colors. All seat covers are not the same. There are budget models which will do an adequate job of keeping your seats scratch-free but don’t do much for the safety or comfort of your pet. They are generally considered throw-away items that only last a few trips. The more expensive models will last longer and protect your seats and your dog. If you only plan to take the dog on one trip like a vacation, an inexpensive seat cover is probably fine for you. For the true dog lover who takes his pet everywhere, a full featured seat cover will last longer and not have to be replaced as often and can lead to many satisfying adventures for you and your dog. Camping – Ten Great Reasons to Start. You may have already decided to start camping and have your very own reasons for doing so. However, below you’ll find many more great reasons to go camping.

  1. Camping is inexpensive compared to most types of vacation

Whether you are a lone camper, a couple or a large family, camping is a very inexpensive way to take a vacation. Not only is the per night cost of your stay significantly less than a night in a hotel, once you have purchased a tent and other equipment, all of the major costs have been covered in the initial outlay. And now that you own your tent and the equipment that goes with it, you can use it again and again, not only every year but as many times as you can get away during a season. Vacation in a hotel or apartment and you are faced with high accommodation costs each and every trip! Camping vacations are tremendous value for money at any time, and in times of recession when we all have to tighten our belts, they may be the only viable option for a vacation at that time.

Put simply, a camping vacation can save you and your family a fortune in vacation costs.

  1. Camping gives you independence and freedom from the herd mentality

A typical package vacation or guided tour often means being herded from start to finish, beginning with the need to arrive at the airport at a specific time (often at an unsociable hour) and continuing during your time at the resort ….a merry-go-round of schedules, activities and the rules and regulations of the hotel and the holiday rep. Camping gives your much greater choice and freedom to do what you want, when you want…and if your don’t like the campsite, move on to another one nearby.

  1. Get closer to nature

So many of us live in towns and cities and live our lives at a pace where we rarely get the chance to experience what is going outside our technological world. It is so easy for us to lose touch with the natural wonders that surround us. Camping lets you get closer to nature and wildlife, to see, smell and hear things that we do not normally experience in our everyday lives.

  1. Get closer to each other

Getting away from it all in a tent can bring couples and families closer together. The opportunity to spend quality time together in a relaxing environment, without the distractions of a computer or television, can give you the opportunity to slow down and do things together that you would not have time or the inclination to do back home.

  1. Step back in time and experience doing things the simple way

Assuming that you are not planning a camping vacation with a microwave oven, TV, computer, fridge and the other “must haves” of modern living, camping will enable you to experience getting back to basics and the enjoyment of doing things in a more simple and maybe skillful way.

  1. Your pets can enjoy a vacation too

I must admit that I have not seen anyone take their cat or rabbit camping yet, but dogs will often be seen on a campsite with their owners. You can not only save on the expense of boarding kennels but also allow your pet to enjoy a vacation with the family too.

  1. Take your accommodation with you to a festival

Taking your tent to a music festival gives you the best of both worlds; the enjoyment of camping and living in inexpensive accommodation nearby. And when the days entertainment is over, you are but a short walk away from the comfort of your bed.

  1. Recreate memories

Many of us will have experienced camping as a child, maybe as a scout or girl guide, or simply with friends. Others like me and my wife took camping holidays in the early years of our relationship when money was in relatively short supply. In adulthood, after many years of expensive and often sophisticated vacations, a camping holiday can be a great way of reliving those simple and happy memories of the past.

  1. Build and tailor your accommodation to your specific needs

Hotels and apartments are much the same and you get what you are given. With so many different types of tents and an even greater choice of equipment and accessories, you have the means to put together a tent that is tailor made to the needs and requirements of you and your family. And every time you arrive at a campsite you get the opportunity to put it all together again (and of course take it all down again when you leave). And each time you go camping you can make it a little different. You might even own a selection of tents for your different camping needs. We own a 6 berth tent for longer camping vacations, a 3 berth tent for weekends away and a compact tent for touring holidays in a MX-5/Miata roadster.

  1. You can make new friends

Sitting next to your tent, relaxing or enjoying a meal al fresco, it is easy to strike up a conversation and potential friendship with your neighbors. Likewise you might get to meet some interesting locals when you are out walking or visiting local sites. You may also join a camping club and get to take part in rallies and other events where you can get to meet fellow campers on a regular basis. Overall, camping is a great way to meet other people, in wonderful locations and at low cost. But be warned, you could get addicted to it!